Client : Haven Life Insurance
Agency : Mother / Verdes
Role : Design
#book design

I was invited by Verdes to design Haven Life Insurance's In Case You Die book which is a trend report on death and dying. The 250 page book is comprised of articles, images, and original content focusing on cultural trends surrounding this topic. The book was created for Haven Life Insurance as an object that reflects the company's aim to have a candid and cultural conversation about death. This book was an internal report and meant to look and feel as if it were a large "employee handbook." SEE MORE

#object design

When it comes to tackling tasks and chores we usually award ourselves after the job is completed. However Martino Hamper rewards the procrastinators and the seat is only functional when your laundry duties have been neglected. The chair has been featured on dozens of notable blogs and publications. SEE MORE

Client : Pernod Ricard - Chivas
Agency : MKG
Role : Design
#experiential design

Chivas The Venture was created as a final pitch moment for social entrepreneurs that competed in the The Venture contest. Over the course of the evening, guests moved throughout three unique storytelling moments; the Pre-Pitch, the Pitch, and the After Party. Our job was to design a collaborative space for guests to mix and mingle, be inspired, and get excited about the announcement of the winning contestant. This was done with interactive experiences that continue to tell the story of People Powering Change and consistent with Chivas' brand identity.  SEE MORE 

Partners : Zago LLC & SVA
Role : Design
#experiential design

To find out why young people don’t vote by creating a campaign and design intervention called “I Don’t Vote”—addressing apathy and framing the discussion around both the predicted and unseen reasons for opting out. The campaign was grounded in an I Don’t Vote Manifesto, and in an online website and mobile webapp, an in-person booth, sticker, and button campaign. SEE MORE

Client : QVC
Roles : Design, Concept
#object design

The QVC One Award is an award given to an individual or team that shows excellence by strengthening and improving QVC as a brand and a company at a global scale. QVC commissioned me to design an award that reflects those values and would be more of a piece of art than a typical award. SEE MORE

Partners : Wanted Design & SVA
Roles: Branding,Concept,Direction
#experiential design

Mission CTRL is a group project created by the class of 2015 Products of Design students at the School of Visual Arts. The assignment’s brief was to enhance the experience of the design exhibition Wanted Design during New York’s design week.  Our goal was to reinterpret digital experiences of social media into physical ones.

#generative design

"Searching For Words," aims to convert words into images as a way to create new meanings behind them. Taking inspiration from the Deconstruction:Reconstruction process taught and created by Ayse Brisel. The project reflects on a hero of many, the late designer Tobias Wong. The images are gathered by a program built in Processing and it uses Google's search API to source images. SEE MORE

Client : New Balance
Agency : MKG
Role : Design Lead
#experiential design

The New Balance Grand Prix Track & Field Event took place over the course of four days, in a showroom located at the newly built New Balance Headquarters. The programming consisted of a retailer summit as well as a track & field event for outstanding local high school athletes. I was tasked with designing a custom "Team NB Clubhouse" to house these events and best showcase the new collection. The installation was built out in an existing showroom, a brand new beautiful and high-end space with ample capacity. This clubhouse consisted of a locker room that housed the athletes' uniforms and provided a space to try on the pieces, photo opportunity to showcase their best "runner" pose, lounge area for presentations, and a heat press station to customize their New Balance gear. SEE MORE

#object design

A set of ordinary products turned into "boobie traps" with the intentions of creating a moment of embarrassment and/or confusion. The hope is that these moments can give the unexpected user a brief instance of humility. 

#thesis project

The Spectacle, is an investigation into Guy Debord’s theory of the same name and how it relates to today. The spectacle is a communication tool that employs fantasy in order to sell society on the idea of how we should live our lives, and what we should aspire to be. It manifests in many forms—social media, movies, television, store displays, political campaigns, sports, and entertainment. The spectacle urges us to watch and consume life instead of actively constructing our own—losing our grasp of our own desires and replacing them with others. This thesis takes the form of an intervention, aiming to wake people up, expose them to alternative and freethinking, get them in touch with their own desires, and express their true selves. SEE MORE

#research #book design

The book contains my thesis journey and process, which led me to a suite of design offerings. SEE MORE