The project is an exploration of what humor can do to an everyday object. When it comes to tackling tasks and chores we usually award ourselves after the job is completed. However Martino Hamper rewards the procrastinators and the seat is only functional when your laundry duties have been neglected. The project is also an exercise of impromptu design, using mostly intuition to guide the aesthetic and concept of the object so the project can be completed with in a few hours.

Martino Hamper is a part of an exercise I conducted, in which I give myself 24 hours to design and construct a project from start to finish, an exercise I often use when I have a mental and/or creative block. The chair is made up of an old dinning chair and a laundry basket, and the seat of the chair is a pile of dirty laundry. The seat is only functional when you have neglected your task of washing your laundry. The object is inspired by the quick furniture collage style of Martino Gamper.